Shore Gallery

Shore Gallery offers a unique view of the animals living in a coastal environment hiding among rocky reefs and thriving in tide pools. Step up to the touch tank and get hands-on as you touch a variety of animals living in a tide pool. Experience what it feels like to touch anemones, sea stars sea urchins, rays and more!

Shore Gallery is the only place in the Aquarium where you can find animals living in a brackish water ecosystem where saltwater meets freshwater – like estuaries, mangroves, lagoons, marshes, deltas and coastal lakes. Some of the highly adaptable animals in this exhibit include round rays, anemones, diamondback terrapins, and a variety of Caribbean fish.

Get an underwater view of what life is like in the surf zone! Watch the breaking waves and see colorful fish darting through the reef and adapting to this ever-moving environment.

Things To Know

Food Allergy Alert

The animals in this exhibit are fed a variety of seafood. Please refrain from touching the animals if you have a known fish or shellfish allergy.

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