Seahorses: Unbridled Fun

Seahorses: Unbridled Fun, allows guest to explore the underwater world of seahorses. Get eye-to-eye with each little one, while a giant video screen magnifies their zany behaviors so you can experience these unique creatures like never before.

Shrink down to their size with larger than life seahorse sculptures and learn about the unusual features that make seahorses so delightfully unique.

Seahorses live in shallow coastal habitats like seagrass beds, mangrove forests, coral reefs and estuaries. Discover some of the other animals that live in these habitats like the upside down jellyfish and the alien-looking cuttlefish.

Things To Know

Fun Facts
Seahorses have attributes that mimic other animals!
Head: Shaped like a horse
Eyes: Move independently like a chameleon
Tail: Grips like a monkey tail
Fins: Flap fast like hummingbird wings
Pouch: Males carry babies in a pouch like a kangaroo

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