Shark Bridge

Over Two Million Thrill-Seekers Have Dared to Cross Shark Bridge!

For thrill-seekers that dare to cross, Shark Bridge is the world’s first suspended rope bridge where guests can walk just inches above a variety of sharks, rays and more than 300 fish. This V-shaped rope bridge is 75-feet long and is suspended over the open water of the 385,000 gallon Surrounded by Sharks exhibit. Shark Bridge is included with admission or annual pass.

It's family fun, filled with thrills as you walk just inches above a tank full of sharks.

About Shark Bridge

Shark Bridge crosses over Newport Aquarium’s Shark Tank Overlook, one of the country’s largest open air tank displays, allowing guests two unique ways to view the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit.

For those who prefer steady ground, you can walk along the top edge of the tank and see how many of the more sharks, rays and more than 300 fish you can count. If you’re lucky you might catch Denver the loggerhead sea turtle as he comes to the surface to take a breath.

Shark Bridge Facts:

  • It took nearly 1,000 labor hours for fabrication, building and installation.
  • Shark Bridge is constructed of more than 4 miles of rope and approximately 1.5 tons of steel.
  • With the addition of the Shark Bridge and the expanded floor space, Newport Aquarium has tripled the guest viewing area at the Shark Tank Overlook.

Plan Your Visit

Shark Bridge is an interactive family walk through experience. Walkers will experience slight side-to-side motion and some uneven footing. All guests must use the entrance due to the one-way direction of travel. All guests must walk themselves. No guest may be carried.

Shark Bridge is an able-bodied experience. For the safety of all guests running, jumping, rough play, climbing, food and drinks are strictly prohibited on Shark Bridge. It is recommended that those with hard or soft casts or braces of any kind do not attempt Shark Bridge. Closed-toe shoes are recommended and shoes must be worn at all times. Children under 5 will need to be accompanied by parent, guardian, or chaperone. Newport Aquarium is not responsible for lost or dropped items. Guests are encouraged to secure all items before entering Shark Bridge. Items that fall may not be able to be retrieved.

Things To Know

Shark Tank Overlook

Shark Summer: June 24 – September 8, 2024!

Take a big bite of summer fun when you visit the Shark Capital of the Midwest for an extra sharky Shark Summer! NEW FOR 2024, meet the NEW Zebra Sharks and Shan the Shark Ray as they celebrate their first Shark Summer at Newport Aquarium. Encounter dozens of sharks and rays – some you can even touch – and use your Shark Tracker to find them all! Dare to Cross the world’s first Shark Bridge and visit the Shark Nursery where you’ll see a variety of shark eggs. Learn about shark jaws and teeth and touch an ancient Megalodon Shark tooth that’s millions of years old! Conquer your fears and discover what you can do to help protect some of the most vulnerable shark species and increase their chance for survival – because it’s just not summer without Sharks!

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