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There’s always something NEW to Sea, Touch and Explore at Newport Aquarium and we can’t wait to share it with you! 2023 is a jam-packed year full of adventure for you and your family as you meet NEW animals, explore NEW exhibits and experience NEW seasonal events!

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New Exhibit – Hatchling Harbor!

Set course for the brand-NEW Hatchling Harbor and be immersed in a bustling 25-foot-long habitat filled with hundreds of colorful and curious animals! Explore this busy corner of the Caribbean that lies between the shore and the reef where young fish find food, shelter and safety among the flowing seagrasses and waving sea fans.

Meet baby animals growing and changing every day! With the exhibit being home to so many young animals, you’ll find a new experience every time you visit as you watch them change their shape, color and markings as they grow into adulthood and ultimately head further out to sea. The longer you linger, the more this rich habitat will reveal. It all opens March 3 in the NEW Hatchling Harbor!

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Yes – Corals are indeed animals even though they have many plant-like characteristics! Be sure to check out the NEW colony of colorful live corals in all their neon glory. Find them in Seahorses: Unbridled Fun.
Visit the NEW ANIMALS page to learn more about corals and more amazing new animals making their home at Newport Aquarium!

More New Animals

See Mermaids in Fall 2023

Make friends with Mermaids during special meet and greets and hear all about their travels. Plus, be sure to wave hello when you see a Mermaid swim underwater in the Coral Reef Tunnel among the colorful corals and schools of tropical fish. It’s sure to be a magical time!

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