Penguin Palooza

Penguin Palooza is home to four species of penguins including King, Gentoo, Chinstrap and Macaroni.

Watch them through the largest viewing window at the aquarium as they hop up the snow-capped rocky cliffs, play in the seasonal snow pile and splash in the frigid water of this Antarctic exhibit. The 34 degree temperature and light schedule mimic the Antarctic home of these waddling wonders. Don’t worry – the viewing area for guests is a comfortable 70 degrees year-round!


Many of our little Penguin friends are from the Antarctic so our summer is their winter! The Animal Care Team keeps their lights on a Southern Hemisphere cycle to best mimic their natural environment. Plan your visit accordingly to catch their daytime or evening activities. Don’t worry – if you arrive after sunset, you’ll be able to see the penguins snuggling up for the night in the soft glow of the Northern Lights!

Things To Know

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