Shark Ray Bay Theater

Shark Ray Bay Theater provides an awe-inspiring window into the underwater world of the Surrounded By Sharks exhibit. At 385,000 gallons of saltwater, it’s the largest tank in the aquarium and is home to stingrays, sharks and a variety of species of schooling fish – all coexisting peacefully.

Three rare and unusual looking Shark Rays are some of the largest inhabitants in the exhibit. They love to glide past the window and rub their fins on the acrylic as if they are saying hello.

Be sure to be on the lookout for Denver, the mischievous 200 pound loggerhead sea turtle. His playful curiosity is endearing.

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Fun Facts
Shark Ray Bay Theater is the seasonal home of Scuba Santa – a one-of-a-kind Cincinnati holiday tradition!

Shark Summer: June 24 – September 8, 2024!

Take a big bite of summer fun when you visit the Shark Capital of the Midwest for an extra sharky Shark Summer! NEW FOR 2024, meet the NEW Zebra Sharks and Shan the Shark Ray as they celebrate their first Shark Summer at Newport Aquarium. Encounter dozens of sharks and rays – some you can even touch – and use your Shark Tracker to find them all! Dare to Cross the world’s first Shark Bridge and visit the Shark Nursery where you’ll see a variety of shark eggs. Learn about shark jaws and teeth and touch an ancient Megalodon Shark tooth that’s millions of years old! Conquer your fears and discover what you can do to help protect some of the most vulnerable shark species and increase their chance for survival – because it’s just not summer without Sharks!

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