Freshwater Falls

In Freshwater Falls, take a peek at what lies below the rippling surface of cascading streams and waterfalls around the world.

Freshwater Falls features dozens of species of plants and animals among 13 tanks. Highlights include a cross section of a cascading stream and waterfall both bursting with aquatic life.

A trip through a tunnel will give nature lovers a look beneath the breaking surface of a Kentucky waterfall at a habitat that often goes unseen.

Things To Know

Cascading Stream

See into a cross section of a cascading stream through the Congo. Discover animals like the adorable and curious Freshwater Pufferfish, dark colored Nightfish and the snake-like Reedfish which has lungs in addition to gills!

Waterfall Cross Section

Peer into a cross section of a Central American waterfall, home to a diverse collection of South American river fish. Accessible from both sides, this exhibit makes a great photo opportunity by creating the illusion that you are swimming underwater alongside the fish!

Beneath The Falls

Enter the first tunnel of the aquarium and experience what it’s like to be underwater beneath a Kentucky waterfall. See fish like bass, black crappie and perch as you’ve never seen them before amid the turbulent, bubbling waters.

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