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Meet the three NEW Sand Tiger Sharks making their home in the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit! The 2 males and 1 female are part of a world-wide Species Survival Plan coordinated through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Biologists and Aquarists working with these critically endangered sharks will share data and research with the ultimate goal of saving them from extinction. These giant sharks measure up between 6 and 7 feet long. You’ll easily be able to pick them out from the other sharks by their big toothy grin!

Let’s welcome the NEW Sand Tiger Sharks to Newport Aquarium with their own special names!

Sand Tiger Sharks Sand Tiger Sharks

All-New Coral Reef Tunnel Now Open!

Dive into the completely refreshed Coral Reef Tunnel! Be surrounded by a sixty thousand gallon thriving underwater community filled with colorful corals and schools of tropical fish. Featuring over 50 species of fish, this vibrant exhibit is a reminder of how important it is to protect the ocean’s corals since they provide for all the aquatic life that calls the reef their home.

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New Baby Orinoco Crocodiles

Meet 3 baby Orinoco Crocodiles, one of the rarest reptiles in the world! In partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Newport Aquarium is raising these young animals in their temporary home in Gator Alley. Once the babies grow-up to over 3 feet long, they’ll be transported back to Venezuela where they’ll help with breeding of wild populations of these critically endangered animals.

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Penguin Encounters Penguin Encounters


Take a journey halfway across the world to Cape Town, South Africa where you’ll step right into the habitat of a colony of nearly a dozen African Penguins. Learn all about these amazing penguin ambassadors and their natural environment as you watch them waddle, call, preen and play just inches away from you. Spots are limited – purchase your exclusive Penguin Encounter tickets today!

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