Newport Aquarium Spotlights Hidden Gems with Underwater Scavenger Hunt

September 29, 2022


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Newport, KY (September 29, 2022) Newport Aquarium is kicking off the fall season with its Underwater Scavenger Hunt Around the World, presented by Skyline Chili. Starting this weekend, visitors are invited to slow down and discover the sometimes-overlooked animals as they search for hidden globes throughout the aquarium’s exhibits. Those who find all the clues will discover a hidden phrase that can be used to enter for a chance to win four Newport Aquarium Annual Passes and a $100 Skyline gift card.

Some of the aquarium’s animals may not always be front and center, but are nonetheless just as special. One of those is Newport Aquarium’s new clown triggerfish, Pennywise. Pennywise is one of a kind in his habitat, standing out thanks to his species’ preferred independent nature, in contrast to his tankmates who make up colorful schools of hundreds in the all-new Coral Reef Tunnel. This species gets its name from its beautiful polka dot pattern, yellow and black features and fins that lock into place just like a trigger.

Newport Aquarium’s General Curator, Kelly Sowers, says some of her favorite animals sometimes get overlooked. “We have so many special animals here at Newport Aquarium, it’s hard for guests to spot each and every one of them during their visit. This is such a great opportunity for guests to slow down and learn more about the rare and beautiful creatures they may not have noticed before,” said Sowers. Some other animals being spotlighted include Brutus, the giant grouper, a pair of tiny spotted Congo pufferfish, a basilisk lizard who can walk on water and much more.

The Underwater Scavenger Hunt Around the World, Presented by Skyline Chili, runs September 29-November 13 and participation is free with admission. Discounted tickets can be found online at when purchased in advance.


Press Releases

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