March 01, 2022


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Newport, KY, (March 1, 2022) - Newport Aquarium is saying bye-bye to the Bayou Babies! The American Alligators first arrived at Newport Aquarium in Fall of 2019 when they were just one month old hatchlings and six inches long. They’ve grown up before everyone’s eyes over the last few years and are now more than three feet long. The last day for guests to visit the Bayou Babies in Gator Alley will be Tuesday, March 22.

This begins their new adventure as they head back to their home in Florida where they were born. There, they’ll have more room to grow to their full adult size which will be eight-twelve feet long. But their departure is bitter-sweet for the animal care experts at the aquarium that have seen to their every need and grown attached. “I remember when they first arrived at the aquarium,” said Erin Muldoon, Biologist at Newport Aquarium and caregiver to the Bayou Babies. “They were so small, just feeding them a few crickets seemed like a big meal!”

The gators have served an important role in educating the public on these fascinating animals. The American Alligator is a model success story for endangered species as they were brought back from the brink of extinction in the 1980’s which shows humans can make a big difference through small changes in our behavior.

The Bayou Babies’ departure on March 22 makes room for a surprise new animal to be introduced in April. So visitors can say bye-bye to the Bayou Babies now and meet the new animals when they arrive, the aquarium has extended its Two-Extra-Months-Free annual pass deal for one final week through March 7. More information and tickets are available at


Press Releases

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