Surrounded By Sharks

New Ribbontail Rays!

Ribbontail's Entrance from Newport Aquarium on Vimeo.

Surrounded By Sharks is better than ever with the addition of a new species - the ribbontail ray! Newport Aquarium is the only place in the Midwest to see this species of ray and 3 1/2 foot  wide by 5 feet long Chip and Lettuce are really enjoying their new home. 

Ribbontails are typically found in the Indo-West Pacific from the Red Sea and East Africa to Southern Japan, Micronesia and tropical Australia. While they are found near reefs, they can also favor a wide variety of habitats from shallow lagoons to outer reef slopes.

Come make a new friend today!

Surrounded by Sharks provides seamless acrylic tunnels that allow you to immerse yourself in the ocean with three exotic Shark Rays, a Honeycomb Whiptail Ray, Sand Tiger Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks and a Zebra Shark.

Also, don’t miss Denver, the inquisitive Loggerhead Sea Turtle always likes to say hello to guests.

Dare to Cross 

Shark Bridge at the Shark Tank Overlook gives a thrilling topside view of the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit.

This 75-foot rope bridge is first of its kind in North America and allows guests to walk just inches above over a dozen sharks, three exotic shark rays, two stingrays and more than 300 fish in one of the country’s largest open air tank displays.