Surrounded By Sharks

Be immersed in an underwater world as you explore 85-feet of seamless tunnels that wind through the heart of this large ocean ecosystem. You'll be surrounded by various species of sharks, stingrays and schooling fish as they swim beside you, over your head and under your feet! See if you can spot Brutus the giant grouper or Denver the loggerhead sea turtle as you explore this vibrant reef bursting with sea life.

Things To Know

Shark Tank Overlook

Fun Facts
85 feet of acrylic tunnels
385,000 gallons of saltwater
Took three days to fill

sand tiger Sharks sand tiger Sharks


Meet the three NEW Sand Tiger Sharks making their home in the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit! The 2 males and 1 female are part of a world-wide Species Survival Plan coordinated through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Biologists and Aquarists working with these critically endangered sharks will share data and research with the ultimate goal of saving them from extinction. These giant sharks measure up between 6 and 7 feet long. You’ll easily be able to pick them out from the other sharks by their big toothy grin!

Let’s welcome the NEW Sand Tiger Sharks to Newport Aquarium with their own special names!

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