Stingray Hideaway: Enter Their World

Escape into a sun soaked tropical paradise and meet the colorful fish, iguanas and the playful stingrays that call it home. As you enter, the large viewing window is a perfect photo opportunity as smiling cownose rays swim up to say hello. Look closely and you might see the epaulette sharks, as you peer into the deep end of the tank.

Things To Know

Food Allergy Alert

The animals in this exhibit are fed a variety of seafood. Please refrain from touching the animals if you have a known fish or shellfish allergy.

stingray stingray


Make a special connection when you touch stingrays as they swim along the edge of the 17,000 gallon touch pool, specially designed to allow easy access for adults and kids. Watch as dozens of cownose rays and some southern stingrays soar through the water. You may even get a lively splash as the stingrays flap their fins!


Kids and adventurous adults can get eye-to-eye dozens of stingrays as they crawl through and explore the underwater tunnel. Plus, be surrounded by stingrays when you pop up in the middle of the pool for an amazing view and photo opportunity!

stingray stingray
Iguana Rock Iguana Rock

Iguana Rock

This tropical environment houses three species of lizards scurrying among the rocks including the large rhinoceros iguana commonly found perched at the highest point. Peer into the water and find the beautiful blue-spotted stingray.

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