Stingray Hideaway: Enter Their World

Get up-close and even touch two different species of stingrays. Then, enter their world as you journey through kid-friendly underwater tubes where stingrays soar above and all around you!

SEA a tropical island paradise

Escape into a sun soaked tropical cove, home to 15 species including playful stingrays, colorful fish, iguanas and other reptiles.

TOUCH playful stingrays

Your whole family will make a special connection when they touch stingrays in the 17,000-gallon touch pool, specially designed for easy access for kids and adults.

EXPLORE their underwater world

Kids and adventurous adults can crawl through a 30-foot underwater tunnel and get eye-to-eye with stingrays. A special viewing tube allows you to pop-up inside the pool as stingrays swim all around you!



Rays, skates, and sting rays are closely related to sharks, but unlike sharks, the bodies of these fish tend to be flat and disc-like.

Coral Reef, Stingray Hideaway, & Amazon Tunnel

Stingray Hideaway Tunnel

Enter the world of stingrays.

Explore Stingray Hideaaway from beneath the surface!

Stingray Hideaway

Discovery Hut

See and touch a variety of animal artifacts.

Stingray Hideaway