Image of the Seahorses Unbridled Fun exhibit at Newport Aquarium Image of the Seahorses Unbridled Fun exhibit at Newport Aquarium

Seahorses Unbridled Fun

Seahorses: Unbridled Fun, allows guest to explore the underwater world of seahorses, sea dragons, razorfish and pipefish and more. Get eye-to-eye with each little one, while a giant video screen magnifies their zany behaviors so you can experience these unique creatures like never before.

Shrink down to their size with larger than life Seahorse Sculptures and learn about the unusual features that make seahorses so delightfully unique.

Play the digital Seek & Find on your smartphone and follow the clues to see how many seahorses you can find in the coral reef. Take advantage of free WiFi provided by Cincinnati Bell. Prior to your visit, download the Connect Cincinnati mobile app and get connected to Fioptics Free WiFi at Newport Aquarium and around the city.

Things to Know
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Important Symbols To Look For:

Water Story Water Story indicates where crucial information can be found about water, our most precious resource.
SSP Species Survival Plan indicates that an animal is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan program (SSP) and is being managed within multiple zoos and aquariums so that it doesn't become extinct.
Vanishing Animal Vanishing Animal means that the species is either threatened or endangered and in need of our help or attention.
Conservation Supporting Conservation showcases a conservation message or a conservation project supported by our WAVE Foundation's Aquatic Conservation Fund.