Gator Alley

Legend of the White Gators logoLearn about the Legend of the White Gators in Gator Alley at Newport Aquarium. Be awestruck by two of the rarest animals in the world - Snowball and Snowflake - in their new home.

Gator Alley provides Snowball and Snowflake with a well-lit environment where they will have more room for their natural behaviors. The new space also allows you to get up close and see them underwater.

Snowball, the male alligator, is a whopping eight feet long and weighs 175 pounds. Snowflake, the female, is six feet long and weighs about 95 pounds.

There are many legends about the sacred nature of white gators among Native American and Eastern cultures. Cajuns tell how gazing into the eyes of a white alligator can bring good luck and prosperity.