Amazon Tunnel

Be transported to the bottom the rainforest floor flooded by the Amazon River during its rainy season as you journey through a 32-foot long seamless acrylic tunnel bisecting a 117,000 gallon freshwater environment.

Be captivated by the giant arapaima – the largest of all freshwater fish looming through the water at 6-feet long and weighing 200 pounds! Believe it or not, they are air-breathers and have to swim to the surface to catch a breath – much like an alligator or sea turtle!

Look for the omnivorous pacu with their human-like teeth and the Arrau turtle – the largest of the South American river turtles. Meet one of the Amazon’s newest residents, the giant ripsaw catfish.

Things To Know

Fun Facts
Pacu and Arapaima are both omnivores which means they can eat both plants and animals!

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