Shark Capital of the Midwest, Newport Aquarium is home to over 30 sharks and over a dozen shark species of all sizes. Newport Aquarium is the perfect place for guests to see, touch, explore and learn about sharks.

The Sharks of Newport Aquarium:

Shark Central

  • Japanese Bull Heads
  • Leopard Cat Shark
  • Port Jackson Shark
  • Pyjama Shark
  • California Leopard Shark
  • California Horn Shark

Surrounded by Sharks

  • Black Tip Sharks
  • Zebra Sharks
  • Sand Tiger Sharks
  • Shark Rays
  • Nurse Sharks

Stingray Hideaway

  • Epaulette Sharks

Pacific Coast Tank

  • Swell Sharks



Shark Ray Bay Theater

Shark Ray Bay Theater highlights one of the largest acrylic windows in the Aquarium for an awe-inspiring view of the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit. 

Surrounded By Sharks

See our collection of extremely rare Shark Rays right here in the Surrounded By Sharks Exhibit!

Sweet Pea, Scooter and Sunshine will win you over with their human-like eyes, prehistoric look, and breathtaking grace.

Shark Tank Overlook

Get a fascinating topside view of the Shark Rays and their friends as you look down into the Surrounded By Sharks tank from one of the country’s largest open air tank displays.

Shark Tank Overlook

Shark Bridge

Over 2 million thrill-seekers have dared to cross Newport Aquarium's Shark Bridge!

Shark Tank Overlook

Shark Touch

Thrillseeker Alert: You can touch a real shark at the only experience of its kind in the region.

Shark Tank Feed

Are sharks ferocious eaters? Watch and decide for yourself as our sharks and shark rays are surface fed by our biologists.

Shark Ray Bay Theater