Image of the shark talk activity at Newport Aquarium Sand Tiger Shark


Shark Capital of the Midwest, Newport Aquarium is home to over 30 sharks and over a dozen shark species of all sizes. Newport Aquarium is the perfect place for guests to see, touch, explore and learn about sharks.

The Sharks of Newport Aquarium:

Shark Central

  • Japanese Bull Heads
  • Leopard Cat Shark
  • Port Jackson Shark
  • Pyjama Shark
  • California Leopard Shark
  • California Horn Shark

Surrounded by Sharks

  • Black Tip Sharks
  • Zebra Sharks
  • Sand Tiger Sharks
  • Shark Rays
  • Nurse Sharks

Dangerous & Deadly

  • Coral Catsharks
  • Epaulette Sharks

Pacific Coast Tank

  • Swell Sharks


Things to Know
Shark Central