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Shark Summer

Discover why Newport Aquarium is the Shark Capital of the Midwest! See rare Shark Rays and sleek Blacktip Reef Sharks in the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit. Experience the thrill of touching sharks like Japanese Bull Head Sharks Port Jackson Sharks in Shark Central. Plus, Dare to Cross Shark Bridge, a 75-foot-long rope bridge suspended just inches above a tank full of sharks!

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Shark Central


Two NEW Sandbar Sharks are now making their home in the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit! These fast swimmers were born at our sister Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey and will reach up to 8 feet in length when fully grown. From Shark Bridge, see their signature dorsal fins cut through the water as they break the surface and swim around the exhibit!


Let’s welcome the NEW Sandbar Sharks to Newport Aquarium with their own special names! We would love to hear your favorite name ideas. Be sure to follow Newport Aquarium on Facebook to find out the final names picked by the biologists that care for these amazing sharks. Plus, see exclusive videos and images of these new additions!
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