Code of Conduct

Newport Aquarium is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all guests. For that reason, we cannot tolerate bad behavior. That includes:

  • Unruly, disruptive, or illegal action
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment that results in irresponsible behavior
  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Interference with the ability of other guests to enjoy their experience
  • Failure to follow written or verbal directions of Newport Aquarium personnel
  • Any form of harassment of guests, animals or Aquarium personnel

Aquarium personnel will intervene promptly when any guest violates these guidelines. Aquarium guests who violate these provisions (along with all members of their party) will be required to leave without a refund, and may be banned from admission in the future.

Have a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting Newport Aquarium.

  • DO NOT enter into any restricted areas, including designed employee areas.
  • Enter the aquarium through designated entrances during operating hours only.
  • Use designated walkways and public access areas throughout the aquarium. Do not cross any fences, chains, landscape areas or other barriers.
  • Be attentive to your surroundings. Watch where you are walking. Walk, don’t run.

Entry Policy

All persons and bags are subject to inspection prior to admission including metal detection.

To provide a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience for our Guests, please comply with all aquarium rules, signs and instructions.

Weapons or objects that appear to be weapons, are strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons of any kind or objects that appear to be weapons including Firearms, Ammunition, Fireworks, Water Grenades (metal or plastic) or knives (more than (3.5”)
  • Alcoholic beverages of any type
  • Pepper spray containers/Mace larger than personal size (example: key chain)
  • Air horns
  • Recreational devices with wheels, such as skateboards, hover boards, balance boards,  scooters, inline skates or shoes with built-in wheels
  • Wheeled Mobility: Devices with less than 3 wheels,  devices that cannot maintain stability and balance when stopped, unpowered or unoccupied, training wheels or similar modifications, devices powered by any means other than manually or electrically, devices that travel faster than walking pace, multi-rider devices, devices that exceed 36" (92 cm) in width or 52" (132 cm) in length
  • Masks (unless for medical purposes)
  • Pets or other animals, except for approved service animals (e.g., dogs). Service animals must be under the control of the owner at all times and should remain on a leash or in a harness. Due to the nature of some attractions, service animals may not be permitted to enter certain attractions.
  • Any other items deemed suspicious, harmful, unsafe or disruptive

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.



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