In 2014, through a new partnership with Cincinnati-based ArtWorks, Newport Aquarium celebrated its 15 year anniversary with the addition of the brand new #SharkWall. The new mural spans the north and river facing exterior wall of the aquarium. Stretching more than 300 feet with heights up to 35 feet, the wall is designed by professional artist Roz Tallmadge.

Featuring aquatic marine life from around the world, #SharkWall brings the experience of Newport Aquarium outside the building. It serves as a focal point for the Newport riverfront, seen by thousands each day from Downtown Cincinnati, visitors to Newport on the Levee, and pedestrians on the Purple People Bridge and Taylor Southgate Bridge.

Now complete, #SharkWall provides different experiences depending on where you view it from. From downtown Cincinnati, viewers recognize some of Newport Aquarium’s most popular animals. Newport on the Levee pedestrians have an entirely different experience—discovering hidden treasures that only close examination will reveal.

This project would not be possible without ArtWorks- a local non-profit that hires youth apprentices and professional artists to create vibrancy and transform the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. Artists transform everyday environments like the Newport Aquarium #SharkWall, through employment, apprenticeships, education, community partnerships and civic engagement.