Meet our adorable new BABY SHARK (doo doo doo) on exhibit for the first time NOW during #SharkSummer!

Discover why Newport Aquarium is the Shark Capital of the Midwest during Shark Summer May 26 to July 21. See dozens of sharks, some you can even touch. Dare to cross Shark Bridge just inches above shark-infested waters, visit the Shark Nursery and meet a NEW BABY SHARK! (doo doo doo). After all, it's just not summer without sharks!

Shark-Infested Activities during #SharkSummer:

New Baby Shark: Meet the new BABY SHARK! (doo doo doo). Born at Newport Aquarium, this is her very first time on exhibit. Come watch the baby crawl, swim and explore her nursery in the Seahorse Gallery!

Shark Nursery In Shore Gallery, see shark eggs from three different species of sharks.

Shark Bridge More than 3 million thrill-seekers have dared to cross Shark Bridge and you’re next! Included with admission, Shark Bridge is a 75-foot-long rope bridge suspended just inches above nearly two dozen sharks.

Touch Sharks Inside Shark Central, you’ll have the opportunity to touch more than a dozen kelp forest sharks including Japanese Bullhead sharks, Port Jackson sharks, Leopard Catsharks and Striped Catsharks. An Animal Experience Specialist is there to teach you the proper technique to touch sharks and help you understand each species in this international collection.

Shark Facts Throughout your adventure, you’ll learn more about these mystifying creatures. Plus, make friends with individual sharks as you learn about them by name!

Shark Talks and Dive Shows Catch your first and largest view of shark rays and sharks in Shark Ray Bay Theater. Divers take questions from the audience about the biology and conservation of sharks and other animals found inside the huge habitat during periodic shows.

Shark Tank Feed Watch biologists feed the sharks and shark rays from either the Shark Ray Bay Theater, Surrounded by Sharks tunnels or through a biologist’s point-of-view from the Shark Tank Overlook.

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You can help to name the baby shark. Submit your name below and we'll announce the name we choose later in #SharkSummer!