Jim Henson's Splash & Bubbles Reeftown Adventure

Now Open!

Catch a current to Jim Henson’s Splash and Bubbles Reeftown Adventure only at Newport Aquarium!

Kids can climb and play their way through Coral Cove and become a Reeftown Ranger as they learn about our One Big Ocean and the animals that call it home.

Plus, visit the Kelp Forest where families can color their own fishy friends and bring them to life in the animated world of Splash and Bubbles!

SABRA Entrance

Just like Splash & Bubble do on TV, guests will “Catch a current” as they enter this fun new experience on their way to explore and play in Reeftown, Coral Cove, Kelp Forest and other environments from the show.

SABRA Reeftown Ranger

Kids can learn about the importance of ocean conservation through fun hands-on games as they earn their status as an official “Reeftown Ranger”.

SABRA Draw Alive

Parents and kids can color a fish that reflects their own personality. Then, through the magic of technology, they’ll bring their creations to life and watch them swim through the world of Splash and Bubbles among popular characters from the show.