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Newport Aquarium Announces New Exhibit for 2016

Aquarium to introduce the most interactive seahorse exhibit in the country

January 21, 2016 NEWPORT, Ky. - Newport Aquarium announced today the addition of Seahorses: Unbridled Fun, a new, interactive exhibit opening in April 2016 where guests can discover 10 species of seahorses, sea dragons, trumpetfish, shrimpfish and pipefish. View B-roll and photographs here.

With a head like a horse, snout like an aardvark and belly pouch like a kangaroo- seahorses are anything but ordinary. The way the exhibit is designed; guests will be completely immersed in the world of seahorses with something new to experience around every corner.

“Seahorses are very difficult to experience in nature due to their ability to blend, chameleon-like, into their surroundings,” said Chris Pierson, director of husbandry at Newport Aquarium. “The way this exhibit’s viewing tanks are designed, guests will really be able to get up-close to them and see their unique physical features, like most people have never seen them.”

The Most Interactive Seahorse Exhibit in the Country

In addition to seeing these animals firsthand, when the exhibit opens in April, Seahorses:Unbridled Fun will be the most interactive seahorse exhibit in the country. The exhibit will feature rare video of seahorses and their most unusual behaviors; interactive seahorse sculptures highlighting unique physical characteristics; the ability to create your own customized sea horse  or sea dragon using custom technology; and much more.

Often regarded as the ocean’s greeters, seahorses and sea dragons are found in coastal ecosystems, and protecting them also helps many other marine species. The exhibit will highlight various habitats they live in and share stories about the threats they face in the wild.

“Seahorses and Sea Dragons are excellent animals to help advocate for ocean conservation,” said Ric Urban, chief conservation officer for Newport Aquarium.  “They live in some of the most at-risk habitats in the world like coral reefs and sea grass beds, and by working  to save them, we are working to ensure the marine ecosystems they live in also are healthy and well-managed,” he said.

Seahorses: Unbridled Fun will be located between the aquarium’s Shore Gallery and the Dangerous and Deadly exhibit.