Scouts Honor Weekend

November 3 & 4, 2018

Ring of Fire: World of the OctopusDuring Scouts Honor Weekend, Newport Aquarium admission is only $13.99 per person* for all Scouts, their families and friends.

Get the whole troop together and enjoy the day exploring tanks filled with exotic sea life from around the world. All Scouts receive an all-new Ring of Fire: World of the Octopus patch when they arrive.

Scouts of all ages will enjoy this weekend!

Questions? Please call 859-815-1478 or email

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* Annual Passholders do not need to purchase tickets for Scouts Honor Weekend.

General Admission

Scouts Honor Weekend

During Scouts Honor Weekend, Newport Aquarium admission is only $13.99 per person for all Scouts, their families, and friends.

Valued Guests

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Girl Scout Badges

Girl Scout Badge / Admission Combo

This 'Girl Scout-only' program includes aquarium admission and is only be available during Scouts Honor Weekend. When ordering, please select the activity time that corresponds with your Scout's ranking. 

Activity Times:

  • Daisies: 10:00am
  • Brownies: 12:00pm
  • Juniors: 2:00pm

Girl Scouts

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NEW in 2018! Girl Scout Badge Program

Girl Scouts will now have the opportunity to earn a badge at Newport Aquarium during Scouts Honor Weekend. This program will only be available during Scouts Honor Weekend.

  • Daisies will earn their Clover Petal to go towards their flower achievement. Petals will not be provided by Newport Aquarium.
  • Brownies will earn their Bug Badge. Badge will be provided by Newport Aquarium at the completion of the activity.
  • Juniors will earn their Animal Habitat Badge. Badge will be provided by Newport Aquarium at the completion of the activity.

Newport Aquarium will provide supplies.

Tickets can be purchased through the “Buy Now” button below. Both Scouts Honor Weekend admission tickets and Girl Scout Badge tickets MUST be purchased to participate in the badge program. 

Exciting Additional Experiences for Scouts Honor Weekend:

Space for these additional experiences is limited.

Take a Backstage Animal Experience

$12.99 per person
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Just one more new thing to see and do at Newport Aquarium! Step behind the scenes to see how our professionals and volunteers care for thousands of marine animals in a million gallons of salt and fresh water. Led by a seasoned Animal Experience Specialist, your 45-minute Backstage Animal Experience will allow you to see our giant Shark Tank, Coral Reef Tank and Amazon River Tank from the top down. You will learn all about how our divers, veterinary lab and water quality lab help keep our animals healthy. You will learn how we feed animals and what we do to prepare them to travel or move from tank to tank. Your tour will include a hands-on meeting with one of the animals from our public-education collection.

Backstage is a dynamic, working environment, so you never know what you will see. Each tour is unique and filled with new discoveries, from divers in fins to animals in transport.

Get Up-Close and Personal with a Penguin Encounter

$26.99 per person
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You are invited inside The Penguin House, the backstage home of our African penguins. During this exclusive 20-minute encounter, you will talk with one of our Animal Experience Specialists who handle these adorable birds. Watch up close as the penguins waddle, wiggle and shake their tails. You get to take pictures of the penguins, and maybe even touch one! These penguins are from a temperate environment, so no coats are needed.