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Annual Passes provide the most value for your visits to Newport Aquarium, with special events, extra discounts and the ability to come as often as you want being just a few of the perks. Don't just take our word for it. Here is what some of our current passholders are saying on social media.

 "Season pass holder! We go at least once a month." – Chris S. 

 "The season pass is ABSOLUTELY worth it and pays for itself in 2 visits." – Ashley R. 

 "Got an annual pass to @NewportAquarium yesterday! Gonna be spending some quality time with the shark rays, for sure! See you again soon!" - @FearLoathingKY 

 "We decided to purchase a membership so we could return and enjoy the various programs that are brought to the aquarium during the year." – ClayCool 

 "It's one of the few places I'll buy a season pass to every year." - Bill S.

 "We have annual passes and love going to the aquarium. It is always a great experience and the staff are helpful and full of information." - Jackie H.

 "Our passes are coming up for renewal and we absolutely plan on renewing them." – Guitar G. 

 "Season passes make it a must buy & come since only 2 visits pays it off." - Edna S.

 "We bought annual passes and with another visit we'll be saving money." - OldBoyScoutFox

 "If you are going to come more than once a year you must get a season pass. It's very reasonably priced. You can upgrade your ticket to a season pass for only $22." - Carrie H. 

 "A season pass will only set you back (45) bucks and it's great to have in case of rainy days or if you need to get out of the house on a cold winter day." - Chase R.

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