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Shark Ray Feeds:

Monday - Friday: 1:15 p.m.
Location: Shark Ray Bay

*All days and times are subject to change to accommodate animal behavior and care needs.

Surrounded By Sharks

Buy NowNow you can see more Shark Rays on display than anywhere else in the world right here in the Surrounded By Sharks Exhibit! Extremely rare Shark Rays, Sweet Pea, Scooter, Sunshine and Spike will win you over with their human-like eyes, prehistoric look, and breathtaking grace.

Immerse yourself in the ocean when you walk through underwater tunnels as our Shark Rays glide peacefully alongside Southern Stingrays, Honeycomb Whiptail Rays, Sand Tiger Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks and Zebra Sharks to name a few.   And don’t miss Denver, our inquisitive Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

You’ll also get a fascinating topside view of the Shark Rays and their friends on your way out as you look down into the tank from one of the country’s largest open air tank displays.