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Gator Alley

White Gators are Back

Snowball and Snowflake, two white American Alligators, had so much fun on their last visit that they’ve decided to return to Newport Aquarium.

These are two of the rarest animals in the world – each gator measures roughly six feet in length, with the female Snowflake weighing approximately 65 pounds and the male Snowball weighing 85 pounds. There are less than 100 known white alligators in the world.

Plus, get eye-to-eye Mighty Mike and meet his bayou buddies in the Gator Alley Exhibit. At 14 feet and 800 pounds, Mighty Mike is the biggest, baddest gator in the country outside of Florida and longer than most cars. While visiting Gator Alley, you’ll discover how their survival has been threatened and how these prehistoric creatures have managed to survive.