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Due to the special needs of wild animals, Newport Aquarium cannot guarantee that every animal will be on exhibit at all times.

  • Amazon Tunnel


    Walk along the floor of the Amazon River, during its flooded season, thanks to our 32.5 feet long seamless tunnel... More details

  • Otter Feed

    Canyon Falls

    Canyon Falls will be the new home to our Asian small-clawed otters, which are back by popular demand and whose cute little faces will melt your heart. More details

  • Cownose Ray

    Coral Reef

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and natural splendor of a coral reef as you pass through one of our many acrylic tunnels. More details

  • Lionfish

    Dangerous and Deadly

    Encounter the most feared and lethal – and often misunderstood -- animals found in the aquatic world. More details

  • Red Eyed Tree Frog

    Frog Bog

    Your kids have never seen frogs like this before. The Frog Bog is the largest exhibit of its kind in the Midwest, with nearly 20 species of exotic frogs. More details

  • Mighty Mike

    Gator Alley Exhibit

    Showcasing eight species of crocodilians from four continents, Gator Alley is one of the most diverse collections of crocodilian species in the country. More details

  • Moon Jelly

    Jellyfish Gallery

    Marvel at the largest and coolest jellyfish exhibit in the Midwest. You'll be mesmerized and amazed by more than a hundred jellyfish. More details

  • King Penguin

    Kroger Penguin Palooza

    Enjoy one of the most diverse collections of cold-weather penguins in the country at Kroger Penguin Palooza. More details

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