Give your group a special treat to take home and remind them of the inspiring experience you helped them have. Souvenir Bags are available for as little as $1 when you pre-purchase them during registration. They’ll be conveniently pre-packaged and ready to be picked up when your group heads out the door at the end of your visit. Must be purchased 48 hours in advance.

Souvenir Bags:

  • Great economical souvenir to remember your day
  • Everyone gets the same thing – no arguing!
  • Convenient – pick up bags on your way out of the Aquarium
  • $1.00 and $3.00 bags (see order form for exact merchandise)

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Shark Bucks:

The gift that fits any budget. Each Shark Buck is equivalent to a dollar value. Shark Bucks may be used in The Newport Aquarium to purchase food, beverages or merchandise.

They can also be used at The Sweet Dreams Candy Company.

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