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Grades 4-5

Intermediate: Grades 4-5 Learning Adventures

  • All About Penguins$1.00 per person
  • Discover one of the most unique animals in the world: Penguins!
    Key Concepts: Classification, Habitats, Adaptations, Behaviors and Conservation.

  • Serious about Sharks $1.00 per person
  • Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sharks!
    Key Concepts: Classification, Habitats, Adaptations, Ecosystems, Food chains, Parasitic & Symbiotic Relationships, Flow of Energy and Conservation.

  • Scales and Tails: Reptiles!$2.00 per person
  • Get an up close look at a variety of reptiles. Learn more about what makes a reptile a reptile.
    Key Concepts: Habitats, Behaviors, Adaptations and Conservation.

  • Student Discovery Backpack $2.00 per person
  • Grab a backpack and go! This adventure is self-guided and has your students within the aquarium exploring the entire visit.  Your group will receive clues to help unlock the mystery of your “unknown species”.  This special learning adventure includes clear instructions on how to engage and excite students using inquiry skills.  Each backpack is designed in a fun and easy way for Teachers and Chaperones to lead, so that students can fully enjoy their experience.
    Key Concepts: Habitats, Behaviors, Ecosystems, Adaptations, Food Chains, Mapping, Observation and Conservation.

  • Rosie The Riveter Ride The Duck Tour
  • “Rosie the Riveter” introduces your students to the famous amphibious DUKW vehicle. Enjoy a classroom presentation with authentic WWII military artifacts that provides your students a hands on experience. After, climb aboard the DUKW vehicle for a splash down in the Ohio River! Learn More