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Grades 4-5

Intermediate: Grades 4-5 Learning Adventures

  • All About Penguins$1.00 per person

  • Discover one of the most unique animals in the world: Penguins!
    Key Concepts: Classification, Habitats, Adaptations, Behaviors and Conservation.

  • Serious about Sharks $1.00 per person

  • Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sharks!
    Key Concepts: Classification, Habitats, Adaptations, Ecosystems, Food chains, Parasitic & Symbiotic Relationships, Flow of Energy and Conservation.

  • Scales and Tails: Reptiles!$2.00 per person

  • Get an up close look at a variety of reptiles. Learn more about what makes a reptile a reptile.
    Key Concepts: Habitats, Behaviors, Adaptations and Conservation.

  • Rosie The Riveter Ride The Duck Tour

  • “Rosie the Riveter” introduces your students to the famous amphibious DUKW vehicle. Enjoy a classroom presentation with authentic WWII military artifacts that provides your students a hands on experience. After, climb aboard the DUKW vehicle for a splash down in the Ohio River! Learn More